Sunday, March 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Hamburgers on the grill

BBQ Chicken Bake
Brown Sugar Carrots
Mashed Potatoes
Garlic Bread

Honey Glazed Chicken Stir-fry

Steaks on the grill
Baked Potatoes
Corn on the Cob

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Martha Stewart Moment

Ok so you all know me. I struggle with cleaning, cooking, and well, just about everything and anything domestic. Today I found this cute idea about turning old jeans into skirts so I thought I would give it a try. I know it's not perfect but not a bad first try! The bottoms are hemmed off so that they can fray. Same with the patches. Oh and I will be cutting it a little straighter.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In a moment

Why is it that we tend to only focus on how good we have it and how each and every moment is a gift from God when we lose someone or hear of a tragic death? Yesterday evening my cousin and her 3 year old daughter were on their way to get food with a friend and were killed in a car accident when a car struck the rear and then another struck the passenger side. It was over in an instant. As these things tend to do it has made me think of whether I am living each moment in the complete and utter joy that it should be. Not that every moment will be a happy moment but each moment should definitely be a joyful one, right? Yet I fail so often. I take my kids, my husband, my friends, everything down to my house for granted so often. As if I know they will always be here. I have to admit that I am having a hard time processing all of this. I have been fortunate enough to have not experienced any other close family members deaths, other than my very old and ailing great-grandmother whose death was a relief to her. But, this, this is different. My cousin was 10 days older than me. I am 26. Her daughter was 3. This wasn't an old woman suffering from Altzheimers. This was a young mom of 4 and her baby girl. Now, I find peace in knowing they are in the Father's arms, and I know that He uses everything for His good, but I can not help but wonder how any good is going to come of this. Maybe that isn't for me to question, but at the moment I feel the need to try to rationalize, something that I just can't rationalize. I know it's completly rediculous. I know what I should be feeling, thinking and saying, but I am not sure I really feel those things yet.

Anyways I am not een sure this post makes sense.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My First Menu Planning Monday

Ok so I am starting to feel really guilty that we don't usually sit down for meals together so I am giving this a shot. I have to do my lists on Saturday though since shopping usually happens Saturday night or Sunday right after church. Also, because my husband is partial to fresh meat I can't freeze any for later so I have to buy the meat each week(ugh I can feel all you fellow couponers cringing LOL). We also don't do left overs. So here is my first menu with inspiration from I'm an Organizing Junkie!
Mon- Chicken Kiev with salad

Tues- Coconut Shrimp with rice and mixed veggies

Wed- Oven Fried Pork Chops with roasted potatoes and fried greenbeans(yummy)


Friday- Shredded Chicken Soft Tacos

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am getting old

Besides the fact that I know I can see the beginnings of laugh lines I found out today that I am really not as young as I used to be. We took the girls to the park today and already having a backache from who knows what, I decided it was a good idea to join the girls in rolling down a hill. Fun right? Not at all. Its been about an hour and I still have a headache and that backache, well its more like back agony now. Other things that have clued me into my age, I have stopped caring for fast motions like those of a roller coaster and I seem to get dizzy really easily if we are doing anything that revolves. Even as I type I am still feeling like I had one too many drinks. I am glad I had my kids young.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Clean Quick Take a Picture

My house is the cleanest its been since we moved here. I mean you could eat off the floor! Now that we have officially listed it, and the agent is coming to snap pictures I figured I better get with it. Mom came over tonight and no kidding, from about 4:30-8:30 minus a 30 min dinner break we busted it! I will have to post the link once the pictures are up to prove to you just how immaculate it is right now. Lets hope I can keep it this way while its being shown :S

Brandie has talked me into moving Luke out of my room. Actually she just kind of gave me the push to do what I knew I needed to. He is 7 months old and its time. So last night Karl moved the crib into his room and he began his new sleep routine there. The other thing you should know is that he isnt sleeping through the night yet. In fact he normally wakes up between 3-5 times a night still. Yikes, I know. I just am a pushover and cant help but cuddle my baby when he cries. I mean this is my last time to do this. Ever. But, alas, the lack of sleep is starting to get to me and I know he needs to establish good sleep habits so we have started sleep training. Last night actually went really well. He at at 10 then woke at 2 and I fed him at 2:30, the second time was not so great. He woke at 4 and cried off and on until I got up and fed him at 5:30 (dont worry I did go check on him several times). Once I fed him the last time he slept until 7:30 and woke up happy as can be. Considering we dropped from 3-5 times to just 2 last night I am pretty happy with how well he did. I wish he had not have cried quite so long the second time but seriously, the child does not need to eat every 2 hours anymore.

So we shall see what day 2 brings!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lack of blogging motivation

I am sorry I have had such a lack of inspiration recently. It's not that things haven't happened, in fact every time I talk to Brandie she replies with "You need to blog that!". I just have been feeling lazy, tired, overwhelmed, something. So lets see if I can get going again.

Karl and I are considering putting our house on the market. In fact, I invited Cassey over today so she could watch the kids while I cleaned! LOL of course she ended up dusting and helping me fold laundry, but it was such a help not to have to run to the kids every 5 min, and we have now decided that every other Monday we are going to swap babysitting for a few hours so that we can get some stuff done. Anyways, after all that hard work the realtor didnt even look at the house! She sat in the living room, made a comment about the open floorplan and that was about it! We arent going to make anything off the house, but we are hoping to get a good deal on a foreclosure and make up for the low selling price that way. We will see how it goes. No big hurry so we at least have time to look and find what we really want. I so want my next house to be my "forever" house, though I am not sure if that will actually happen.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free Dr Pepper

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Friday, March 6, 2009

So behind

I am a bad blogger :( I am so behind! I just had a bit of a blog drought!

So what happened this week?

Occassionally I will run the water while Luke falls asleep, bad habit I know. Anyways, apparently sometime during the course of me putting him down and then going to check on him the plug to the bathtub closed. Nice huh? Well, let me tell you that I now know where the low spots are in my master bath. There was 4" of water gathered around my toilet, and the rest of the floor had a good 2". Luckily, I came in right as it was about to reach the carpet in the bedroom. So of course Brandie got to hear an earful as I took out my frustrations over the phone.

On a good note we had our first book club meeting. So fun! I think the more we get together the more open we are going to be able to be with each other and I am really looking forward to having friends that will be straight with me! We all need that. Especially me. I am hard headed LOL.

We are reading two new books for book club, The Shack and Sheet Music. Let me tell you that the second one (for married couples only!) is such a great book if you dont mind bluntness. It has convicted me in more ways than one. Email me if you want more details on the book. I haven't started the shack, but I am looking forward to it!

I am continuing the Love Dare with Karl. We are on Day 6. I think we are doing well, but it takes work let me tell you! Even not being on the verge of divorce we have realized that we have let each other down by lowering our standards of how we treat each other.