Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Living Like the Amish

I have been reading these great books by Beverly Lewis. Lewis writes about life within Amish communities, with which she had close contact with having lived in Pensylvania. Anyways, while Brandie and I were enjoying a few minutes of childlessness(while they played on the indoor playground at chick-a-lay) we were chatting about how freeing it would be to be Amish. I mean imagine no pressures of fitting in, or keeping up with the Jones'. No big screen TVs taking up family time or filling my kids heads with violence, no chemical laden food, no washing machine, diswasher, indoor plumbing...

Ok, so maybe I would pick and choose which aspects I would live, but I think that something about it would be so free.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Giggles

Luke's New Diaper!!

Isn't it cute!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daniel the Fly

My Brianna came running to me announcing that her sister had caught a fly. She was so proud that I couldn't tell her that we had to take it outside. Keira informed me that they named the fly Daniel, so I went and looked at Daniel. Of course he was already on the way out, so I figured they would look at him under the jar that they had set over him, get bored and I would pick him up when they were done. I had no idea that they would actually play with it! Not just play with it though, they gave it a bath! I heard the water running so, asked Keira what was going on and she tells me "We are giving Daniel a bath". Well, if Daniel wasn't dead before he was now! Luckily after Daniel had his bath they decided he needed to go potty...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Strange Package

This afternoon fedex visited my house. Not really that unusual considering that my hubby has packages arrive almost daily. This one however, was addressed to me. Well, it was actually addressed to Bits and Pieces Scrapbooking (my company in case you didn't know). I open the package assuming that with CHA around the corner, I was getting a box of samples; not so unusual. That was not what was in the package. Inside the package there is a mix of items which include: Christmas wrapping paper, a collection of nutcracker pins, 2 pen lights, a zen garden, a Lucky Frog (?), a 50 piece mini-puzzle, 3 themed soaps, various book marks, a magic ink sports book, a pair of leather gloves, a 53 piece silverware set, and finally a Tommy Hilfigure watch with the price tag of $135 still attached. On the box there is no return address, and in fact a not was on the box saying it was being returned to me. I tried the tracking number, but it only led back to me and was only available from Hutchins. I know that at some point it was in Denver because of the label. I can not return the package as it will only come back to me, so I am going to try giving Fed-ex a call and seeing if there is anything to be done. I do feel bad as I know that there were gifts for kids in it. I found three mini-snowglobes labeled Emily, Noah and Hannah.

As for how it got to me, here is my best theory. I no longer sell items, but I used to sell on Ebay. I at one point shipped out this box to a buyer and the buyer re-used the box. Her label fell off so they used the little piece of mine to look up the sender, assuming it was the current label. Of course this is only a guess.

I don't expect that there will be much I can do in terms of returning it to the sender. I will probably toss most of it if this is the case, but here are some pictures for your amusement!