Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A song by Brianna Molder

You love me, you love me, you love me. This is a great family. Today we sing a happy beautiful song, so we have a nice time with my family. Sing with me, hush now baby, you are my really favorite mommy. You just love me, my mommy and daddy. Oh you love me. I have a nice happy song with my mommy, and you play with me. A happy song is pretty. We have alot of dreams. You are my only favorite mommy. Play with me. Play with me. Have a nice pretty day. We have a nice good family good bye.

Of course its much better when she sings it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well we are moving closer to move out. So packing has become a priority. Packing and purging. What I dont understand though, is how I have 40 boxes packed and yet my house remains a disaster area? So unfair.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bible Study

While I am sitting in my unusually quiet house with my sick daughter laying in bed, I decided I should revive my blog. I know I keep saying this. Things are just incredibly busy and well, life gets in the way. You will find out that when I do something I do it 110% and then suddenly I crash from burn out. But I usually come back to it with a little less fervor and it helps me maintain a steady pace rather than going at everything full force and getting bored with it. Anyways onto my blog.

For several months I have been flip flopping back and forth between reading the Bible, doing various group and private Bible studies, and embarrasingly not reading the Bible at all. Not that I dont get constant guilt from it, but I was just feeling like I was reading the same thing over and over and not gleening anything new from it. Uh oh, is that not the first sign something isnt right? It probably doesnt help that we have constantly had to miss church for one reason or another. I would say at the moment if we are going ever other week we are lucky. For the most part it isnt that we dont feel like going its just one kid being sick, or Karl has to work, or this or that. Excusses. At any rate, I have been trying to remind myself that I really need to figure out something that will help me study, no dig, really dig into the Word. I think for the first time it has really started to bother me that I can tell you all the stuff on the surface: Thou shalt not kill, love your neighbor, and so on, but I dont know that I could get into many really deep conversations and be able to hold on to myself. And not knowing brings doubt, and the ability for Satan to sneak in and use that doubt. Of course I dont want that. So yesterday, with all three kids in tow, I made my way to Mardel (this was before my DD started puking) and we made our way to the study section. Now seriously I have a stack of books a mile high that are studies on this and that, but the questions in them always left me dreading going back because they required more insight than I thought I had! So I would toss them aside and just give up. I didnt go into the store really thinking about what I was getting. Just knowing that I needed something that would teach me how to really think and dig into God's word. I hadn't even really prayed about what the Lord would have me get, but as I walk to the study section, there on the bench is a book. "How to study the Bible" By Kay Author (who I love by the way). Ok so I dont know if it was placed there by God, but there has to be something to it. I never found the place that the book came from so I never would have found it on my own, and having only had it one day I dont know how the study is going to go but after finding it, I just have this "knowing" that something great is going to come out of it. And most of all I just love that He put it right there in front of my face when I really needed it. Awesome.